Sunday, December 13, 2009

Caption/Headline Collaboration?

Post your thoughts about what caption or headline might make this visual (created so long ago I forget what for) pertain to a timely concept for a worthy cause, be it a personal development or not-for-profit message... Have fun and keep 'er clean!

Above, a contribution from a custom lettering designer Alan Ariail, from the Chicago area, who wrote and designed this phrase to go along with the visual. A splendid mix! You'll find Alan's blog here.

Thanks to all the ideas submitted both from here, LinkedIn and FB. Not a bad one in the bunch! And keep 'em comin'!


  1. The little guy with the shark teeth and disquise, he reminds me of what people call "trolls". The ones that post nasty, mean comments on newspaper articles and blogs. Headline? "Troll"

  2. Might be little... but has a big bite!

  3. Never turn your back on the little guy.