Monday, March 14, 2011

Ogling The Sideshow

We live with a plethora of different world characters which the press loves to bring into our consciousness. It took an earthquake to knock the most recent examples off of our televisions and newspapers (for the most part) and I don't mean to highlight their notoriety or celebrity status here.

Characters are notorious for different reasons. Some we can't help but feel sad for and some we can't help feelings of complete and utter disbelief. Common to all is a lack of understanding as to why they do what they do. Or why they're allowed to do what they do. Whatever the reason for their deeds and words, we never really seem to be given enough to form an understanding.

But is an understanding what we really want?

Or are our own lives so mundane that we need to be fascinated by wingnuts, the demented and the ill? Perhaps the way we ogle these weird and remarkable characters is this century's version of a freak show.

P.T. Barnum would have a field day.

Many thanks for this caricature by an extremely talented friend, Frederick Sebastian. You can visit his blog here.


  1. This is hilarious. My husband just printed up one of Vanity Fair's pictures of Gaddafi very similar to the caricature and pasted it on my daughter's door.

    He is so pretentious in his dress, you can't help but notice. And remark.

  2. Thanks LM, Fred captured his essence well, I thought. It's a rare talent...