Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Thing About Getting Out Of Bed

Some days it seems like it just ain't worth getting out of bed in the morning. But you do so because of one of two reasons:
1) Your mother always told you that you have to, or
2) You are already awake and your bladder is singing you a song and that light fixture you are lying there looking up at has lost its interest.

On with the show.

But how do you know whether getting up was worth it? One of three reasons:
1) Sometimes something happens in your day, like you win the Pulitzer Prize or you cure cancer and right then, you know getting up was worthwhile, or
2) You look around at the end of the day and something small pokes its head up (like you saved an old lady from getting hit by a kiddie-car) and you go, "Oh that was it. That's what I got up for." Or finally
3) Then there are those days you can't identify any reason at all; It was just a BS day. But even these days may have hidden secrets you may not realize. Maybe you made someone chuckle which made them pass wind when they really needed to pass wind. That's definitely worth getting up for.

Note: If you hear someone say, "There are no bad days." Do NOT trust these people! They tend to be the 'cheery' type that creep me out. This is the type of person that must think there is a bright side to mass global destruction, venereal disease and cucumber sandwiches on whole wheat toast with mayo.

So, today is the 23rd of March. Yesterday we had spring. The snow was gone, buds on the trees and crocuses blooming. Today we got walloped. Snow drifts up to my waist and growing as I speak. No use shoveling tonight because it will blow over again by the morning.

I have a funny feeling that light fixture on the ceiling above the bed is going to look very, very interesting at five a.m....


  1. If there were no bad days then the good days would not feel nearly as good....

  2. yea, cucumber sandwiches, their the worse when you're allergic to cucumbers!