Friday, June 17, 2011

Bambi Lives in Spite of Rioting Godzilla

At the same time that my niece shared this wonderful pic two days ago from a recent jaunt in the great Canadian wilderness, the riot in Vancouver took place following the final Stanley Cup game.

I don't really know why, but it made me think of the infamous short 1969 animated film, Bambi Meets Godzilla, by Canadian Marv Newland.

Perhaps it was because two days ago our image got stomped but good. The international press didn't call it the Vancouver riot. They called it the Canadian riot.

Canada has long been known as a kind, gentle, diplomatic peacekeeper to the world. A welcoming society. A blend of multilingual, multicultural peoples and a social experiment that is the poster child for other countries. It is the Canadian Shield of decency, Mounties, maple leaves and self-depreciating humor. A society of somewhat neurotic politeness and the happy brunt of humor ranging from lumberjack jokes to igloos to the superiority of our beer.

Yesterday, unbidden, thousands of normal citizens came out to help clean up the mess caused in Vancouver the night before. And professionals in the area offered advise and support.

It seems that Bambi has survived the Godzilla stomp.


  1. Wow... I had never seen that video before. Love it. :)
    Maybe Bambi hid within the Godzilla toe-jam and waited until he had moved on to come out of hiding...

  2. Ya just gotta love the classics! Bambi has always been one of my favorites :)

    Since I pretty much ignore sports, I was oblivious to Canadians running amok. I've been more aware of Canadians taking over my tv reception, and that has a direct impact on my quality of life. I mean really! Either show me a better show or quit messing up the one I wanted to see! Underneath all that obvious niceness, there's an evil takeover plan in action. I suspect it probably involves making me learn better manners. Either that or how to get out my frustrations by hitting people with hockey sticks?

    Preaching to the choir on the last few posts. Oh wait, maybe that's all part of the evil plan to teach us all better manners? Eeks!

  3. I guess you didn't see the bambi stomping on the lady from BC just the other day....bruised and bloody mess. 'twas newsworthy - but not nearly as ugly as the idiots wrecking the glass city!

  4. Hi Leanda, no I didn't. Sounds pretty gross! But must admit that the replays of the antics of those on the streets after the game I'm seeing are gross as well, just in a different way... thanks for your comment. :o)