Monday, June 20, 2011

Rolling In Doggie Clover

This is my dog Peanut. No he is not dead. He may look like that because I caught him mid-roll in the clover yesterday. For all intents and purposes he is in ecstasy.

"In the clover" is a figurative expression from the early 1700's that means in good circumstances. Fittingly, it comes from the world of animals. For, as livestock lived the good life when they ate clover (very palatable and high in protein, phosphorus, and calcium), so people who lived in pleasant circumstances were figuratively said to be living in clover or in the clover.

Peanut has always appeared to live his life with a pleasant disposition when for any number of reasons he could easily be forgiven for bemoaning his circumstances. And I must admit I don't help matters any. In fact, he would be totally justified thinking I have tried my best to make his life miserable and hold it against me (and I wouldn't hold that against him). But time and time again, he just shakes off the bad stuff and continues on.

For instance, a week ago I had him groomed, effectively robbing him of all his hair. It freaked him a bit when it happened but a day later he was acting like he never had a hair in his life. It was like, pfffht, who needs hair?

Two weeks before that I promised him a car ride when I was really taking him to the vet for his shots. An outright deception that would have a normal person fuming for weeks. A few minutes after we returned he'd forgotten all about it. When I brought it up he looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about.

The guy actually makes it appear that living life in pleasant circumstances may just be a choice. I could take a lesson... Where's that clover?


  1. I have yet to meet a dog that holds a grudge....

  2. Happy puppy :) I'm just not sure what to think of Canadians any more. First sports mayhem, now lying to dogs? I feel so disillusioned.

    Love your father's day post. My dad and Grandpa both used it and I kept it around after they died too.

  3. Haha, Linda. I assure you it is not in my constitution to disillusion you. Don't give up on all Canadians just because of one goofball... :o)

    re: Father's Day post. Thanks. It seems to be a more common scent than I thought. Many messages with a common "My dad used OS" as well... hmmm...

  4. Give Peanut a big hug for me. He's the spitting image of my dearly departed Sam.

    Am curious to know if Peanut ever sneezes so hard that he bumps his chin on the ground?

  5. Hi Kristy, will do. And no, although he comes close!